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Reseña Comic: Sex Criminals vol. 3

Título: Sex Criminals, vol. 3: Three the Hard Way

Autor: Matt Fraction Dibujo: Chip Zdarsky Editorial: Image Comics Año: 2016 Nº de Páginas:160
Sinopsis: So it turns out Jon and Suzie aren't alone ― other people around the world, like them, freeze time when they climax. A self-appointed group wants to regulate and control them through fear and intimidation. Jon and Suzie are falling in love and want their freak flags to fly, but if they're going to fight back they can't do it alone.  And really, isn't that a metaphor for the whole series? That we might all be alone but we're all alone together? I think so.  If you read only one comic with a semen-demon in it this year, please make it Sex Criminals, Volume Three: Three the Hard Way. (Collecting: Sex Criminals #11-15) Cuando leí el primer volumen de Sex Criminals, allá en el año 2014, me enamoré instantáneamente. Ahora, quizá demasiado tiempo después, he conseguido leer el tercer volumen de las aventuras de esta pareja. P…